The incident came about when a 29-year-old man stole an aircraft from Seattle-Tacoma International airport in August 2018. [deleted] 5 yr. ago. Later, a controller discusses getting a pilot on the radio to help Russell control the aircraft. KIRO 7 News Seattle facebook feed(Opens a new window), KIRO 7 News Seattle twitter feed(Opens a new window), KIRO 7 News Seattle youtube feed(Opens a new window), Who was Richard Russell? Not long before the crash, a pilot who'd been helping controllers advise Russell appears to mention the maneuver. So many bags," he said. "Congratulations. Jason Silverstein contributed to this report. Surveillance footage obtained by KOMO shows 28-year-old Richard Russell using a tow vehicle to pull a Horizon Air Q400 aircraft onto the tarmac before climbing into the cockpit on August 10, 2018. Details of man who sources say stole airplane from Sea-Tac, Officials: Man who stole plane, died in crash not a pilot, Woman faces decades in prison after lying about murder, Do you have an investigative story tip? The jets were not involved in the crash, it said. His responsibilities included towing and pushing aircraft for takeoff and gate approach, de-icing them, and handling baggage. Other pilots and SeaTac's tower exchange information about Mr Russell as they quickly realise that something unusual is going on. The plane was a Bombardier Q400, a turboprop that seats 76 people, owned by Horizon Air, part of Alaska Airlines. "Our hearts are with the families of the individual aboard as well as all of our Alaska Air and Horizon Air employees," said Constance von Muehlen, the airline's chief operating officer. Horizon airline employee, 28-year-old Richard 'Bebo' Russell, stole a plane and took off before crashing into remote Pierce County island After the plane approached Ketron Island, Waldron saw a thick column of smoke followed by a loud explosion, he said. Join thought-provoking conversations, follow other Independent readers and see their replies. Please refresh the page or navigate to another page on the site to be automatically logged inPlease refresh your browser to be logged in, On the day of his tragic flight, Mr Russell wore a shirt that said The Sky is No Limit, Find your bookmarks in your Independent Premium section, under my profile, Air Traffic Control audio reveals conversation with man who stole Alaska Airlines plane. Within minutes of the plane's takeoff, the military scrambled two armed F-15 jets from Oregon to follow it, according to local and airline authorities and two sources with knowledge of the situation. When Rolling Stone published its article last year, no major regulatory or security changes had been implemented in response to Russells deadly flight. The sky thief Richard Russell captivated the audience's attention after the Authorities at the Port of Seattle released an airport surveillance video of plane stealing. The Pierce County Medical Examiners Office has confirmed the remains belong to Richard Russell, who took the empty Horizon Air turboprop plane from Sea-Tac Airport. video Plane crashes near Seattle airport. He was killed in the crash. Just a broken guy, got a few screws loose, I guess. Despite the timing of the crash during prime fire season, the fires in the video seemed to be small and scattered. Enter for your chance to win a visit to the Disneyland Resort with 96.5 JACK FM! Newly released video shows the fiery scene firefighters encountered after an airplane stolen from Sea-Tac Airport crashed on Ketron Island. His 75-minute flight during the golden twilight took him south and west, toward the Olympic Mountains. The man has been identified as Richard Russell, a law enforcement official familiar with the investigation confirmed to CNN on Saturday night. Relatives of Richard Russell say they are "stunned and heartbroken" after the airline worker stole a passenger plane Friday from the Seattle-Tacoma . Want to bookmark your favourite articles and stories to read or reference later? They said it's not clear whether he had ever taken flight lessons or used flight simulators, or where he gained the skills to take off. This station is part of Cox Media Group Television. "We are devastated by these events, and Jesus is truly the only one holding this family together right now. Air traffic control became suspicious of Mr Russell after he cut in the line for takeoff. Recently fired airline mechanic Armando Nieto Jaramillo, 23, stole a military HS-748 transport plane from Bogot-Eldorado Airport and crashed it soon after takeoff, killing himself and three people on the ground. The black boxes are now being sent to the National Transportation Safety Board for processing. Please dont hesitate to utilize this resource. F-15 "pilots kept plane out of harms way and people on ground safe," the sheriff's office tweeted. That includes both domestic and international flights. By Jeff Wise Published: Aug 13, 2018 JASON REDMOND // Getty Images If you miss out on Thursday, no worries! Please enter valid email address to continue. August 13, 2018 / 5:34 AM "The FBI is going to be thorough, which means taking the time needed to scour the area, delve into the background of the individual believed responsible for Friday night's incident, and review every aspect with all appropriate public and private partners," the FBI's Seattle office tweeted Saturday afternoon. The Port of Seattle just released the CCTV footage of 29-year-old Richard Russell towing the Alaska Airlines' Q400 Turboprop into position back in 2018 at the Seattle-Tacoma International. He left prison after less than 5 years, on parole. First published on August 11, 2018 / 4:48 PM. "He was getting really stressed about the financial situation he was in. But the plane slammed into tiny Ketron Island, a sparsely populated island southwest of Tacoma. Also see | 'I was blown away': Stepbrother of man who stole plane speaks out. Aug. 12, 2018. Jeff Wise is a New York-based science journalist specializing in aviation and psychology. What happened from then, left a. "Russell was known as a quiet guy who read a lot," according to one witness statement. I don't want to. (DAILY NEWS VIDEO) . Colton Harris Moore only got 6 years for stealing a plane and crashing it. Domestic Flights, Airplane Door Rips Open Midflight on Russian Plane, Airport Worker Ingested Into Jet Engine, Dies, The Concorde Disaster, Battle Tanks, and More. ", The statement said Russell, 29, was "a faithful husband, a loving son and a good friend. During an exchange with air traffic controllers, Russell mentioned he had some experience using flight simulator software. "Never really knew it till now," he said. How was a man able to steal and pilot a plane? At least 12 dead after winter storm slams South, Midwest, The Saturday Six: Dental device controversy, scientist's bug find and more, Trump speaks at CPAC after winning straw poll, 3 children killed, 2 others wounded at Texas home, Man charged for alleged involvement in 2 transformer explosions, Nikki Haley slams potential GOP contenders, and Trump and George W. Bush, Duo of 81-year-old women plan to see the world in 80 days, Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant to "take some time away" from the team after allegedly brandishing a gun in a club, Alex Murdaugh trial: What to know about the double murder case, Officials say man who stole plane was suicidal. In a humorous YouTube video he posted last year, he talked about his job and included videos and photos of his various travels. Give Light and the People Will Find Their Own Way. F-15 fighter jets scrambled to intercept the Q400, which ultimately crashed into Ketron Island, about 30 miles from the airport. Horizon's parent company, Alaska Airlines, refused to comment on claims of workers being overworked or underpaid. Investigators said Richard Russell worked alone when he was working as a ground service agent for the airline, and that he towed the turboprop out a hanger, climbed into the cockpit, and took off. CNN's Kyung Lah reports. You did that. He had no purpose to be at that plane Friday evening "other than what he did do," Tilden said. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Russell echoed those claims in his last conversation with air traffic control. Onlooker John Waldron took video that shows the plane rolling inverted at low altitude, then pulling into a half-loop in a aerobatic high-g maneuver called a split S. Whether through skill or luck, Russell managed to pull the plane out of its rapid descent just above the wave tops. Minimum wage, we'll chalk it up to that. The Associated Press contributed to this report. They said it's clear Russell didn't intend to harm anyone, and "he was right in saying that there are so many people who loved him. Hearst Magazine Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2023 CBS Interactive Inc. All rights reserved. On the other hand, Russell was reported to have been profoundly troubled, whereas Malaysian authorities were unable to find any evidence that Shah suffered from mental illness or was undergoing any kind of stress in his life. Neither the men nor the plane has ever been seen again. Meyer had recently been passed over for promotion and had been arrested for drunk and disorderly conduct. So many bags," he said. ", Russell posted collages of photos from his trips around the world, writing that travel was "what keeps me going in the most unfavorable circumstances.". He was immediately killed. "I would like to apologize to each and every one of them. A fter 29-year-old airline employee Richard B. Russell stole a plane at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on Friday night and crashed it into Ketron Island in Puget Sound, questions remain. Newly released CCTV footage shows airport employee Richard Russell stealing an Alaska Airlines plane before fatally crashing it into a Washington island, the New York Post reports . NBC News Digital features,,, Nightly News, Meet the Press, Dateline, and the existing apps and digital extensions of these respective properties. An FBI investigation found Alaska Airlines ramp employee Richard Russell intentionally crashed the aircraft after flying for more than an hour. About to take off. A beautifully-written Rolling Stone article published in summer of 2021 tells the story of Russells life up to the moment he towed the plane onto the runway and hopped in the cockpit, attempting to find meaning or motive to help explain why this goofy, God-fearing baggage handler decided to steal a plane he likely knew he couldnt successfully land. He complimented the controller: "You are very calm, collect, poised," he said. Russell, 29 is presumed dead. "I lift a lot of bags. Richard Russell was a suicidal airport ground services worker who stole an airplane from Sea-Tac International Airport in Seattle, Washington, and took it on a dramatic unauthorized flight,. May 23, 1969. The tower alerted the Portland Air National Guard base, which dispatched a group of US Air Force F-15s to intercept the rouge aircraft. New video shows the crash site and blogging made by Richard Russell, the airline worker who stole and crashed a plane from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Richard "Beebo" Russell, the Horizon Air employee who stole a plane from Sea-Tac Airport on Friday night, performed midair acrobatics over Puget Sound and then crashed into an island, was an. 4.3M views 7 months ago A newly released video sheds new light on the moments leading up to Richard Russell crashing a plane. FBI released more information about Russell and the incident earlier this year, including witness statements from family, friends, and co-workers. Gear-obsessed editors choose every product we review. The NTSB is now processing the equipment. May 25, 2003. It was a strange day when Horizon Airlines Employee Richard "Beebo" Russell stole a plane in the middle of his working shift. The rest of Mr Russell's time in the air was well documented, thanks to his regular contact with SeaTac's tower. The reason I left is in February of 2016 they were short staffed and they had me run three planes in the same time, Reeves said. I mean, I would hope it is, for a guy like me. New video shows crash site of stolen plane 02:22 CNN Richard Russell was a funny, gentle and hardworking man, said family and a colleague of the airline employee who stole a passenger. The plane eventually crashed on sparsely populated Ketron Island, starting a fire in the woods but injuring no one outside the plane. "I never thought I would work as a Ground Service Agent (GSA) for an Airlines company," he wrote in a blog post in September 2017. Ultimately the FBI determined that Mr Russell intentionally brought the airplane into a dive onto a small island in Puget Sound, where he died. Airline officials believe he was in uniform and worked a shift Friday, Tilden said. Im coming home! But it was not to be. The footage shows him going through security wearing a T-shirt. ", "I've got a lot of people that care about me," the man later said. Russell was credentialed to be in secure areas at the airport, said Brad Tilden, CEO of Alaska Air Group, which owns Horizon Air. The black boxes will hopefully give investigators more clues as they try to figure out why Russell flew the plane into the ground. He is the author of The Plane That Wasn't There: Why We Haven't Found MH370. Please enter valid email address to continue. Nearby co-workers weren't even aware of Russell's actions, which happened six hours into his shift, according to reporters. "Yeah, he knew how to fly," she continued. New footage released by the Port of Seattle shows Mr Russell who worked as a baggage handler at the airport preparing the plane for takeoff. "Although investigators received information regarding Russells background, possible stressors, and personal life, no element provided a clear motivation for Russells actions.". For one, Russell shouldn't have been able to board the plane alone, he said. Video from Friday showed the Horizon Air Q400 doing large loops and other dangerous maneuvers as the sun set on the Puget Sound. The Associated Press contributed to this report. among other things. "The greatest threat we have to aviation is the insider threat," said Erroll Southers, a former FBI agent and transportation security expert. It seemed like such miserable work and I never could imagine why anyone would want to subject themselves to all the constant noise, gas fumes, and heavy lifting. Win Tickets to Weezer with Spoon and White Reaper at White River Amphitheater on August 20th! "Tower, you need to call and scramble now," one Alaska Air pilot called out. July 4, 1986. In the days leading up to the theft and subsequent crash, employees and family didn't notice anything wrong with him, investigators wrote in the updated report. Lastly, we've been reporting a lot only on the most famous case of suspected pilot suicide, Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, and this weekend's tragedy bears at least a few similarities. A Warner Bros. Newly-obtained surveillance video from 2018 shows how Richard Russell, then a Horizon Ground service agent with no pilot experience, successfully stole the plane before crashing to his. "I lift a lot of bags. There were no passengers aboard. / CBS/AP. A curious and ultimately tragic story from 2018 finally has a little more context, thanks to security camera footage. Russell, who was a ground services employee for Horizon Air, sat in the plane's cockpit for nearly an hour and a half before the unauthorized takeoff. July 13, 1994. That includes both domestic and international flights. 2023 Cox Media Group. What followed was a 73-minute joyride during which Richard Beebo Russell had a surprisingly candid conversation with air-traffic controllers as he pushed the Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 twin-engine plane through some daring acrobatic moves. Newly-obtained surveillance video from 2018 shows how Richard Russell, then a Horizon Ground service agent with no pilot experience, successfully stole the plane before crashing to his death. Authorities said he used a tractor to rotate the plane 180 degrees, positioning it so that he could taxi toward a runway. "Seattle Ground, Horizon Guy. Airports nationwide will now look at whether their security procedures need to change, CNN safety analyst David Soucie said. Mr Russell's aerial joyride ultimately ended in a fiery crash on a remote island in Puget Sound. Author: Elisa Hahn Published: 11/14/2018 5:51:22 PM He did not survive the crash. 2018 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. "He might have been talking to himself in the cockpit," so the voice recorder may provide additional information that wasn't recorded in radio traffic, she said. Authorities said Russell did not have a pilot's license. While in the air, Meyer, whod been married eight weeks before, called his wife and said, Guess what? Others include how, nearly 17 years after the 9/11 attack, someone can simply take a passenger plane from a major U.S. airport without authorization. The body camera and cell phone video shows firefighters climbing through dense brush and fallen trees to get to the crash site on Ketron Island. The man has been identified as Richard Russell, a law enforcement official familiar with the investigation confirmed to CNN on Saturday night. He later stole the plane and eventually crashed it into an island in Puget Sound. The Q400 is a turboprop aircraft with 76 seats. One sketch that he posted included a drawing of a Q400 plane, the same kind of plane involved in Friday's crash. He passed a series of background checks to gain his position, as he didn't have any criminal convictions. Get browser notifications for breaking news, live events, and exclusive reporting. Horizon airline employee, 28-year-old Richard 'Bebo' Russell, stole a plane and took off before crashing into remote Pierce County island More Videos Next up in 5 Relatives of Richard Russell say they are "stunned and heartbroken" after the airline worker stole a passenger plane Friday from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and was killed when he crashed 25 miles away. The Seattle FBI office said Sunday that it had recovered the flight data recorder and components of the cockpit voice recorder from the Horizon plane. Surveillance footage obtained by KOMO shows 28-year-old Richard Russell using a tow vehicle to pull a Horizon Air Q400 aircraft onto the tarmac before climbing into the cockpit on August 10, 2018. ", First published on August 13, 2018 / 5:34 AM. Maybe that will grease some gears with the higher up, Russell said to air traffic controllers. Video from a witness on the ground shows the plane at one point pulling up for a loop, putting the aircraft upside-down and then pulling back up just feet above a body of water. Richard Russell Posted a Video on YouTube About Being a Baggage Handler Play VideoVideo related to richard russell, 'rich': 5 fast facts you need to know 2018-08-11T15:04:15-04:00 In a. The sheriff's department described Russell as suicidal. Kathleen Reichel said she watched the planes pass by for about two minutes. Earlier in the flight, Russell says: "This is probably, like, jail time for life, huh? Worker who stole plane and crashed identified, See stolen plane flying moments before crash, Co-worker of man who stole plane speaks out, Official: Man taxied plane before stealing it, Airline worker's family releases statement, Airline issues statement after Seattle crash, Witness: Thought Air Force was practicing for show. .css-v1xtj3{display:block;font-family:FreightSansW01,Helvetica,Arial,Sans-serif;font-weight:100;margin-bottom:0;margin-top:0;-webkit-text-decoration:none;text-decoration:none;}@media (any-hover: hover){.css-v1xtj3:hover{color:link-hover;}}@media(max-width: 48rem){.css-v1xtj3{font-size:1.1387rem;line-height:1.2;margin-bottom:1rem;margin-top:0.625rem;}}@media(min-width: 40.625rem){.css-v1xtj3{line-height:1.2;}}@media(min-width: 48rem){.css-v1xtj3{font-size:1.18581rem;line-height:1.2;margin-bottom:0.5rem;margin-top:0rem;}}@media(min-width: 64rem){.css-v1xtj3{font-size:1.23488rem;line-height:1.2;margin-top:0.9375rem;}}A 777 Nearly Plunged Into the Ocean After Takeoff, Sudden FAA Failure Grounds U.S. Notifications can be turned off anytime in the browser settings. A 777 Nearly Plunged Into the Ocean After Takeoff, In audio recordings released over the internet, Your Privacy Choices: Opt Out of Sale/Targeted Ads. Human remains were found in wake of Friday's tragic plane crash. I don't know! An hour and 45 minutes into the flight, Meyer crashed into the English Channel. Russell went by "Beebo" on social media. The FBI will lead the investigation, said Eckrote, the NTSB regional chief. We may earn a commission from links on this page. The fuselage was fragmented and appeared to be upside down, said Debra Eckrote, regional chief for the National Transportation Safety Board. In the footage, Mr Russell can be seen calmly moving through the airport wearing a black shirt. Also see | Cockpit audio from worker who stole empty plane from Sea-Tac Airport. Relatives of Richard Russell say they are "stunned and heartbroken" after the airline worker stole a passenger plane Friday from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and was killed when. Ah, dammit. On Friday, Horizon Air ground service agent .css-3wjtm9{-webkit-text-decoration:underline;text-decoration:underline;text-decoration-thickness:0.125rem;text-decoration-color:#1c6a65;text-underline-offset:0.25rem;color:inherit;-webkit-transition:all 0.3s ease-in-out;transition:all 0.3s ease-in-out;}.css-3wjtm9:hover{color:#595959;text-decoration-color:border-link-body-hover;}Richard B. Russell got in one of the airlines Bombardier Q400 aircraft and took off from Seattles SeaTac Airport. At one point he asks the controller, Hey, do you think if I land this successfully, Alaska [Horizon Airs parent company, Alaska Airllines] will give me a job as a pilot? Told, You know, I think they would give you a job doing anything if you could pull this off, Russell replies, Yeah right! As he flew the stolen 76-seat passenger plane above the Seattle area for nearly an hour on Friday night, Richard B. Russell was asked by an air . A ground service agent's tasks don't involve touching planes' controls, CNN aviation analyst Mary Schiavo said. An air traffic controller called him "Rich," and tried to convince him to land the airplane. Every time I traveled I would look out my plane window and see these sullen looking individuals leisurely pacing around, or hectically throwing bags into a cart. Russell repeatedly says he would do a roll. The FBI has recovered the flight data recorder and components of the cockpit voice recorder from the Horizon aircraft that crashed onto Ketron Island Friday night. "But the air traffic controller had to tell him how to set what they call the 'bugs' -- they're just little, sort of, little levers, or little notches on your indicator for your heading, which is kind of basic. (AFP/Getty Images) Russell, 29, flew the plane for 75 . Richard "Beebo" Russell (Screenshot from YouTube via AP) SEATTLE - The Horizon Air baggage handler who stole a commercial airplane from Sea-Tac Airport and took it for a 73-minute joy ride . The agency said that, had Mr Russell wanted, he could have recovered from the dive. Copyright 2018 Cable News Network, Inc., a Time Warner Company. On his Facebook page, which had limited public access, he said he was from Wasilla, Alaska; lived in Sumner, Washington; and was married in 2012. The Surveillance footage obtained by KOMO shows 28-year-old Richard Russell using a tow vehicle to pull a Horizon Air Q400 aircraft onto the tarmac before climbing into the . "It seemed like he was well liked by the other workers. The agency says the 28-year-old's loved ones hosted an intervention for him, who "seemed fine" besides increased drinking.
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